Steve Collins Lawn Care

Steve Collins Lawn Care

33 St Andrews Mews, Wells, Somerset, BA5 2LB [ Map ]

Tel: 01749 595224 | Email: Click here | Web:


As independent lawn experts, we can provide all the lawn care services you require, such as lawn renovation, lawn weed/moss control, lawn maintenance and lawn mowing. We can also provide the lawn care services that you didn't even know existed... lawn verticutting, applying lawn wetting agents and eradicating leatherjackets!! Being independent enables us to source from the very best lawn fertiliser and chemical companies for products that will improve and enhance your lawn, we're not tied in to any manufacturer or supplier and in most cases, we can treat a lawn at a comparable price to DIY. We currently use a lawn fertiliser manufacturer based here in Somerset and we're thrilled with the results we are getting... so are our customers!

Hours of Business

Monday-Friday: 8:30am-5:30pm

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